Thousands of products at low prices at the new IBERSINO Bazaar, at Cancela

It is one of the largest commercial spaces that opens its doors with thousands of items divided into six major sections: Decoration, Gardening, Pet Shop, Clothing, Lighting and Tools!

From 9am on July 1st, Madeira will have one of the largest and most complete bazaars, where you will find absolutely fantastic prices on a variety of products that include Clothing, Gardening, Decoration, Lighting, Pet Shop and Tools ! Located in the Cancela area, the new IBERSINO Madeira store opens its doors to the public on Region Day and there are many novelties that residents and tourists can find in an area of ​​more than 7 thousand square meters!

Divided into six large sections, IBERSINO Madeira offers the advantage of having a car park with a capacity of 130 spaces, completely free and exclusive for its customers, to guarantee the comfort of its customers!

With opening hours scheduled for 9 am and closing at 9 pm, the new store is a strong investment in Madeira by three renowned Chinese entrepreneurs who gave preference to the Autonomous Region of Madeira to make this investment.

Like other stores of the brand that exist in mainland territory, IBERSINO Madeira intends to promote low prices on high quality items in the different sections that make up IBERSINO Madeira, from items for your pets, passing through the variety of products decorative, not forgetting DIY, clothing and footwear, stationery, toys, always useful and innovative items for gardening, without forgetting the important area of ​​tools.

Located in Cancela, in the area that gathers large supermarkets in the food and retail areas, among others, IBERSINO Madeira promises to be a place where you can calmly walk through the various corridors with shelves full of products at extremely affordable prices. Good shopping!

IBERSINO Madeira Estrada do Garajau, nº. 196, Cancel

free parking

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From Diário Notícias

Another Chinese shop probably full of crap… If they do something differebt to all the other it might work, but if its all the same, then I can’t see it lasting in a huge space like that.