Mandatory confinement on arrival in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, for passengers residing in Madeira or Porto Santo, can be done at home and not in hotels, provided they have tested covid-19, with a negative result, 72 hours prior to travel.

This possibility consists of a joint order from the vice-presidency of the Regional Government and Parliamentary Affairs, the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection and the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture.

In the context of the calamity situation, the mandatory and if necessary compulsory confinement for 14 days of all people who disembark at Madeira and Porto Santo airports remains in force, but with some news for those who reside on these islands.

According to number 2 of the aforementioned joint order (available on the IASAÚDE microsite, at, mandatory confinement can be done at home “in the case of people who have a residence in Madeira or Porto Santo and have performed a test for covid-19, in laboratories certified by national or international authorities, within 72 hours prior to disembarkation, with a negative result ”.

At the same point, it is also stated that it will not be necessary “to carry out the aforementioned screening test so that citizens residing in Porto Santo, who disembark in Porto Santo, fulfill the confinement at their respective home”.

In point 3, “patients undergoing treatment, as well as people who for professional reasons disembark at the airports and ports of Madeira and Porto Santo to provide services considered essential, urgent or unavoidable, for the interest of RAM, through the control and guidance of the Regional Health Authority ”.

People who “do not have a residence in Madeira or Porto Santo, as well as those who have not been tested for covid-19” continue to be subject to mandatory confinement at the hotels. 

This has been in effect since 00:00 on the 3rd and for the duration of the calamity situation. Expenses related to confinement in hotels continue to be borne by the Regional Government.

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