New request for ‘habeas corpus’ against mandatory confinement in a hotel in Madeira

A new incident of ‘habeas corpus’ against mandatory confinement in a hotel in Madeira was entered yesterday in the Investigative Court of Funchal. The news was released in the evening by the digital newspaper Funchal Notícias and confirmed to DIÁRIO by the presiding judge of the Madeira District, Paulo Barreto.

This new process was initiated by a young student who arrived at Madeira Airport last Friday and who does not accept mandatory confinement at Hotel Vila Galé, in Santa Cruz. This Thursday afternoon, the author of ‘habeas corpus’ and the president of IASAÚDE, Herberto Jesus, were heard by the investigating judge. The magistrate’s decision is expected to be announced tomorrow.

The same digital newspaper says that the young man awaits the result of a test for Covid-19. If it is a negative result, the regional health authority is likely to authorize them to leave the hotel and the court will make a decision identical to the one we had on Tuesday when declaring the first ‘habeas corpus’, written by student Cláudia Raquel Ferreira Camacho.

From Diário Notícias