Saturday Fun Quiz

Thanks to Steve Basnett for putting together another quiz. No cheating it’s just for fun… 
See how well you do. I will give the answers on Tuesday

1. Prior to the 1st January 2002 which currency was used in Madeira?

2. Which Madeira landmark received the Outstanding Structure Award in 2004 by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering?
3. During the past few weeks, a giant wind turbine has been transported to which location?
4. What date is Freedom Day celebrated?
5. Which town in the Northwest of the island is famous for its lava rock bathing pools?
6. What colour is Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet?
7. Which major supermarket chain is based in the Anadia shopping centre in Funchal?
8. Laurisilva (or lauraceas madeirense) are what type of protected plants on Madeira?
9. Which airline flies the most routes between Madeira and the Canary Islands?
10. Which beach has been rated as one of the best 10 in Europe for safety by the European Best Destinations organization?
11. To the nearest thousand, how many people live on Porto Santo?
12. In May, 363 bottles of what was raised from Quinta do Lorde marina?
13. Which travel agency was the first to be awarded the new Clean & Safe label by Turismo de Portugal?
14. What is the name of the Monk seal which has been happily splashing about around the coast of Madeira in the past few weeks?
15. What do the locals call the bright blue visitors which washed up on the beaches of Madeira in May?
16. João Lemos Baptista suggested that a second Madeira airport could be built where?
17. Which prominent hotel overlooks the coast at the end of Rua Dom Carlos I in Funchal Old Town?
18. Which restaurant near the Ritz in central Funchal is named after an Italian Composer?
19. In the heart of the Lido area, there are two well-known Indian restaurants. One is the Indian Palace, what is the other called?
20. If you hop onto the 148 bus in Funchal and ride it to the end, where do you end up?
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