Marcelo strolled through Funchal and ended up drinking poncha

I watched this live on Facebook last night and was such a pleasure to watch, and how nice he was with everyone he passed, talking to people and taking selfies.


He did roughly two kilometers on foot. He passed by the Vespas, took dozens of selfies, walked along Avenida do Mar and went to Zona Velha to be received with enthusiasm and some amazement by dozens of people. Ended up drinking poncha.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is visiting Madeira. He landed yesterday at 6:44 pm and spoke to journalists before leaving the airport for a restaurant in Funchal. After the meal, he walked through downtown Funchal

The head of state spent the last night, after dinner at the ‘O Clássico’ restaurant, strolling through downtown Funchal. Right after the meal, which brought together various political figures from the Region, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa followed the march to the center of the Madeiran capital and ended up passing by the Vespas, on Avenida Sá Carneiro.

He took the opportunity to take the usual selfies – always complying with safety rules and wearing a mask -, and headed towards the Old Town. Along the way, already on Avenida do Mar, the President of the Republic approached, was approached and talked to dozens of residents.

In addition to the Funchal cable cars, very close to Rua de Santa Maria, the president was eventually greeted with Madeira wine and took the opportunity to enter the ‘Venda Velha’ space to drink poncha. In between, he was always being asked to take pictures, whether of the youngest or the oldest. On the retina, there was the feeling of security that he conveyed upon arrival and that ended up materializing in the way he feels comfortable: close to people.

The program for this Sunday

During the journey made last night, of approximately two kilometers, the unsupervised beach in front of Casa da Luz ended up capturing the attention of the Head of State, but if you want to dive this morning, you will have to do it early. The President of the Republic must be at 11 am at the Bom Jesus Health Center, in Funchal, a health unit that starts the schedule for the 2nd and last day of visit to Madeira.

There will be a longer stay at the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, where you will stay until very close to 12:30 pm, the agreed time for lunch in Câmara de Lobos with the president of the municipality, Pedro Coelho.

Marcelo will end up staying in the parish – which was forced to implement a sanitary fence during the third State of Emergency – until roughly 15 hours, from where he will depart towards Funchal, more specifically Quinta Magnólia, for a meeting with officials from several IPSS ( Private Institutions of Social Solidarity).

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