Covid-19 – Are You Due to Arrive to Madeira? – Due to Return to UK?

Lots of people have so many questions to ask about arriving in Madeira.

The testing at the airport. How did you find the experience, and were your results sent to you within 12 hours?

If you already had a test, which country are you flying from? Did they accept a text message for your results or did you have to have paperwork with the results on?

If you are returning to the UK soon or have returned this week, I am really interested to know about the quarantine/self-isolation.

This below is very useful, as the UK government website is still saying you have to quarantine or self-isolate for two weeks when returning from Madeira.

I have two valid reports of people returning this week to the UK and were told that quarantine/self-isolation was not necessary as they have come from Madeira. Have you experienced this?????


If you have any other experiences that may be useful to future passengers please leave a comment below.