Madeira with 2 more new cases.

Today’s balance sheet – Thursday – 6 August – at 6 pm regarding covid19 in the autonomous region of Madeira

> 2 positive cases to report, in the case of 2 travelers identified in the context of the surveillance activities implemented at Madeira Airport.

> identification of 2 situations that are being studied by health authorities. These are two close contacts of an imported case recently diagnosed. Laboratory tests and an epidemiological investigation are ongoing.

> In total, the region records 121 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 98 are recovered cases and 23 are active cases.

> The 23 active cases consist of 20 imported cases identified in the context of the surveillance activities implemented in the COVID-19 Screening Unit at Madeira Airport and 3 cases of local transmission.

> Regarding the isolation of positive cases, 18 people who are isolated in a dedicated hotel unit, 4 in their home and 1 remain hospitalized in the Multipurpose Inpatient Unit dedicated to COVID-19.

> Until August 6, 1580 notifications of suspected cases of COVID-19 were counted in RAM, of which 1459 were not confirmed (negative suspects).

> 17450 people are being monitored by the health authorities of the various counties in the region, now using the MadeiraSafeToDiscover application, 7691 of these people are under active surveillance

> the covid-19 epidemiological status in the Region will remain on the daily register, including weekends and holidays, through newsletters, but that press conferences, by videoconference, on Fridays will be cancelled.

IA Saude will maintain availability to clarify any doubts through channels that are already public knowledge.
Daniel Caires – 18h38

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