The Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM) updated, in a document released this Saturday, ‘Em Foco’, dedicated to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on the economic and social life of the Region, based on the data currently available in the different areas .

According to DREM, in the field of Tourism, after an auspicious start to the year, there was a fall of around 50% in March, with April and May seeing almost neutralization of tourist activity, with the number of overnight stays in collective tourist accommodation not exceeding 4.0 thousand and 5.0 thousand respectively.

In May, almost all establishments were closed or without movement, a situation that only escaped 1.6% of Tourism establishments in Rural Areas and Housing, 2.6% of hotels and 3.4% of local accommodation units .

With such a low number of overnight stays, total and room revenues were minimal (-99.8% and -99.7%, respectively in terms of year-on-year variation), as did the RevPAR, which, in May this year, sank to € 6.41, falling 87.1% year on year. The average profit per room occupied also decreased to € 38.23, due to the greater weight of local accommodation in total overnight stays, reflecting a year-on-year reduction of more than 47.2%. The bed occupancy rate in May, which in the last seven years has almost always been between 60% and 70% (in May 2016 even surpassing this mark), did not exceed 12.3%. The average stay was also reduced (3.34 nights) in May 2020 compared to the same month (4.70 nights).

In a first projection of the June 2020 figures, the INE estimates for the Region about 16.9 thousand overnight stays, which will represent a homologous decrease of 97.6%, referring to that organization that 76.5% of establishments in the Region declared cancellations for the months of June to October this year. These data should be updated in the release of the DREM scheduled for August 14.

From Jornal Madeira