Carjacking – A Warning To All

Not very good news to report, but I feel everyone needs to know about this to protect yourself and loved ones.

About a month ago a friend of a friend was Car Jacked around midnight on Joao Paulo II in Funchal, not a nice thing to happen, but the thieves got away empty handed, and maybe just some chancers who thought they would get some cash or something to sell quick.

Today however in broad daylight to a friends wife, some man tried to force open her car door at around 2pm today, close to H&M in Funchal, he then tried to force the back door open where her kids were on the back seat, luckly he failed, and ran away. The lady was unhurt, but has suffered a panic attack due to this, but is now safe and back home.

This is the sort of crime we have never had or heard about in Madeira, and very worry if this sort of thing becomes more widespread, especially now with so many poeople out of work and struggling for money.

Share with friends and family, and just be cautious if anyone comes up to your car and asks you to open the door or window.

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