The mayor of Funchal told JM Madeira this morning that “unfortunately the facts are showing as right”, even warning that “the escalation may increase” and that the municipality continues to demand “reinforcement of means, whatever the case”. wherever”.

Pedro Calado commented to the newspaper on the latest incidents in Funchal, with a resident of Poço Barral stabbing a robber in the early hours of today, and the assault on the premises of the Parish Council of Monte, occurrences that follow from others, and that have motivated the concern of the Funchal City Council and its president.

“I have nothing to add to what I have already said”, the mayor began by saying to JM. “I am sorry for what is happening. Any city has robberies and thefts. As we have been warning, this escalation could increase.”

From Jornal Madeira

I would like to point out that this sort of thing hardly ever happened a few years ago, and now it’s in the news, social media daily….

Yes we are still one of the safest places in Europe, but people need to face facts the the world is not in a good place at the monent, people have less money and more expenses to pay.

Also drugs are rife on the island, and the homeless are the biggest problem for this, and its increasing.

If you have been coming to the island for many years, then yes it’s changed and you need to take more care of your personal belongings, I still see, especially locals leave their bag or phone at a coffee table and go inside to pay or for the toilet, this you can no longer do.

If you are new and only been coming to the island the last couple years, then treat it like any other European County, keep your bag, phone, purse, wallet and so on safe. Lock doors and windows when going out, old town of Funchal is particularly a problem at the moment for break-ins and theft.

This situation as they say will only get worse, and the police and other authorities have been very slow to act on this, as we living here have seen it gradually get worse and worse since Covid.


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