It opened in 2018, but did not resist the pandemic and will close its doors.

“It is with great sadness that we say one until now, we couldn’t handle the ride. It was a very difficult journey, from dreaming to making it happen, we managed to keep thanks to all of you, but this” hit us “,” he explained the administration on Facebook.

The project received a financial contribution from the Madeira Employment Institute, according to what was reported at the time of its opening, and was inaugurated in October 2018.

From JM


Savoy Saccharum will close from the 1st November. Lack of customers and bookings forces the closure of this hotel unit for the time being.

Savoy Signature has confirmed from Thursday 3rd September that it is preparing the conventional layoff for 400 employees from 4 hotel units, Royal Savoy, Saccharum, Gardens, and Next.

The decision, motivated by the lack of customers that justifies the operation of the hotels, aims to safeguard the maintenance of effective jobs and thus avoid a scenario of collective dismissal.

Royal Savoy, Next and Savoy Gardens all remain closed and Saccharum will join them on November 1st.

Simplified layoff ended on July 31st, and is effective till the end of September 2020. Companies can now apply for the extraordinary support for the progressive recovery, which will be in force until the end of the year.


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