The Funchal City Council, through its Economy and Culture department, developed a project called ‘Streets of Funchal – QRC’, covering for now a set of 10 streets in the city center, in a total of 25 ‘signs’, with the more diverse information alluding to this artery.

Avenida Arriaga, Avenida Zarco, Rua da Alfândega, Rua João Tavira, Rua de Santa Maria, Rua do Aljube, Rua dos Ferreiros, Rua das Murças, Rua dos Tanoseiros and Rua Fernão de Ornelas, are now equipped with this type of information. a little click away, which is like saying the QRC code reading from your mobile phone.

The symbolic presentation took place this Tuesday morning, next to one of these signs, at the corner of Papelaria Condessa, at Rua dos Ferreiros. On the occasion, Madalena Nunes said that this is “another project, among those we have been doing, to help people to read Funchal in different ways. We are all different and each of us has our own way of approaching the city. There are those who like to go and search for things in a library, but there are those who like it when they go for a walk, to use the technology right away and check where it is, why this is called, what happened in the past… ”, explained the councilor who oversees this matter.

Madalena Nunes recalls that “we have another project, the ‘9000’, which is also very interesting”, he recalled. As for ‘Ruas do Funchal – QRC’, “it was proposed to us by a person who lives in the city and who helped that this made sense, that the city was missing. That person is called Cristina Costa e Silva ”.

And it is “in this logic of managing the city with people and not just for the people that we have worked for”. There are “things that the community can give us”, he stressed, remembering that information from ‘Ruas do Funchal – QRC’ is made available “in Portuguese and English and the idea is to expand it to more streets. For now, we are here at the center ”, referring that this project took about a year and a half to be developed.

From Jornal Madeira

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