Low tide can help in the search for young tourist in São Jorge

This Friday morning, the search for the 24-year-old tourist, who was taken yesterday afternoon by a wave on the São Jorge walk way resumed at 8am.

The sea remains rough and the expectations of the rescue teams are that with the tide going down (the low tide is scheduled for 2 pm) it will be easier to find the young man. And it will be at this point that the drone of the Regional Civil Protection Service will take action.

In addition to the Maritime Police, SANAS and the Santana Volunteer Firefighters, PSP has also joined the search with its Rescue Team.

It looks pretty clear that they are looking for a body, as the young man disappeared into the ocean a short while after the fall, and his brother who also fell but managed to clime out, noticed his brother bleeding, before dissappearing into the sea.

From Agora Madeira

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