Strange lights moving in the sky surprise Caniço residents

Several moving lights in the sky surprised last Saturday night some residents of the Moinhos area, in Caniço.

“There was a light ahead and about 20 in the back. They passed in front of my house always in the same direction and shining. It lasted about two minutes, ”Diogo Fernandes told AgoraMadeira that until now he has not yet been able to explain what he saw in the skies of Caniço with other family members.

Diogo says he was aware that something like that was seen recently but elsewhere in Madeira.

“I have a friend of mine who says he saw something similar in Calheta about two weeks ago”, stresses this reader who insisted on sending some videos to AgoraMadeira.

The fact that it is very dark and the lights are small makes it difficult to see but in a close look, and without light around, it is possible to see some of these lights in motion in this video published here.

From Agora Madeira