Madeira maintains all measures to contain the pandemic

The prime minister announced the end of the state of calamity on the continent, but in Madeira, this reduction in measures to contain the pandemic will not be followed.

Miguel Albuquerque assured the DIÁRIO that the Regional Government will maintain the closing hours of establishments, curfew, mask use and other rules, including testing.

Madeira should also reach, this weekend, 70% of the population with complete vaccination, but the President of the Government understands that “there is nothing to change”, especially because “things are working well”.

Albuquerque recalls that the regional Executive analyzes the pandemic situation “week by week” and the reassessment should only take place when vaccination is at 80%.

Before the beginning of September there should be no changes to the rules against Covid-19, as there are no major requests to change schedules.

“The priority is to start classes and have the kids vaccinated”, he stresses.

The president of the Regional Government admits that, at the beginning of next month, with a large majority of the population vaccinated, measures may be changed.

From Diário Notícias

I have to totally agree with this, and they have it as controlled as can be. The island is so full and busy with tourism, you have never before seen so many people people in popular places, the waterfall in Ponta do Sol, they are literally queueing up to get a photo, 25 fontes is so busy its actually not a nice experience, and other places are packed.

In zona velha right now it’s totally buzzing, and all with young people, it’s great to see and with the number of infections I don’t think Madeira has anything to worry about.

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