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Summary of the measures announced today, at the press conference given by the President of the Regional Government of Madeira – Miguel Albuquerque.

1º-> Mandatory use of a community mask by citizens from 6 years of age, whenever physical distance is not possible. It will go from being a recommendation to being mandatory – the government sent a decree to be voted on in a regional assembly and to adapt to RAM the national law that imposes the mandatory use of masks in public spaces.
Exceptions: Children up to 5 years old; Disabled people (due to the difficulty in putting / removing the mask without assistance); sports activities; Beaches, bathing areas and complexes and access to the sea, with the exception of sanitary facilities where the use of a mask is mandatory; physical activity and / or leisure that involves physical effort; recreational sporting activities in the forest and recommended walking routes.

2nd-> Non-professional sports practitioners who disembark at Madeira and Porto Santo airports, on flights from any territory outside the Autonomous Region of Madeira and who exercise professional activity in the Region, in the areas of health, civil protection, education , including students and teaching and non-teaching professionals, and the social area, are obliged, not only to take a second test between the 5th and 7th day after disembarkation, but must remain in isolation at their home, or hotel until the second negative test »

3rd-> As of November 1, tourists who test positive for COVID-19 and who are integrated into the COVID hotel units, if there are daily rates paid at the hotels or accommodation of origin, the amounts of that accommodation will be transferred to IA-SAUDE , in the sense that there is a fair share in the expenses inherent in the operation of the same, since they will not enjoy those reserved nights. This measure also had the agreement of the groups with whom they met. Miguel Albuquerque says that it is necessary to create a “climate of trust”, so testing at source would be ideal.

4º-> At this moment, the presence of fans in the stadiums will not be authorized, according to the opinion of the Regional Health Authority and due to the current pandemic evolution.

Comments to journalists:

-> “If the pandemic continues to evolve in this way, we will have to introduce major restrictions”, said Miguel Albuquerque, in a press conference that takes place at Quinta Vigia. Urged to comment on the Christmas season in the Region in the context of a pandemic, Albuquerque said that “the sale of alcohol will not be allowed”, and that all necessary precautions will be taken to avoid the gathering of people.
-> “We are going to Madeira to make the Christmas lights, which has a lot to do with the psychological part, the Christmas spirit is part of what it is to be Madeiran”, he also said.

-> “The measures now taken are reasonable and proportionate”. And they aim to “prevent a more severe pandemic situation, which could jeopardize the normal functioning of our lives, and our economy”. “They will be in force for a period of 30 days, being reassessed at the end of this period”.

-> “Thanks to the preventive and prophylactic measures implemented so far – combined with the high sense of civic responsibility of our fellow citizens – as well as the professionalism of all SESARAM employees, Civil Protection, Social Security, Education and other entities and services, we have succeeded avoid a tragedy of incalculable dimensions, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira “. However, he stresses that “the fight against this Pandemic is far from over and will continue to demand great resistance and determination from all of us.

-> Masses of childbirth without meetings at the end of the ceremonies. This situation has already been agreed with the diocese, due to the risk involved in the gatherings.

-> In conclusion, he highlighted, in particular, “the effort to safeguard the most vulnerable and high-risk sectors, such as educational establishments, health units, homes and day centers, where these measures will be applied, ensuring greater security to all”.

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