Summer returns end of week

The ‘summer’ time will be back in Madeira this week, imposing itself once again on this shy autumn.

From this Thursday, with the wind turning east, the weather forecast points to the entry of a mass of hot air that will not only raise the air temperature from sea to mountains but it will also lower the humidity rate, especially at high elevations.

From the 29th (Thursday) with the mass of hot air from the east, there should be an increase in temperature values of the air, accompanied by a decrease in the values ​​of the relative humidity of the air,  especially at high altitudes.

On the 31st (Saturday) the maximum temperature in Funchal should reach 27 ºC and in Pico do Areeiro at 20 ºC says Victor Prior, delegate regional IPMA in Madeira.  So we are looking forward to a weekend of sun and heat.
Probably also inviting to go to beaches and lidos.

Just to note that the north of the island is experiencing rough seas, and this will probably continue through the week, with waves of 4.5m by Thursday, and some could reach a max of 8m.