New Measures Against Covid-19 Announced Thursday

“I don’t lack the courage to take the necessary measures.”

Miguel Albuquerque says he is not afraid to take whatever measures are necessary to defend the lives of Madeirans and Porto-Santenses, and on Thursday, new measures will be announced.

Miguel Albuquerque says that he does not risk a millimeter in defense of Public Health and the lives of Madeirans and Porto-Santenses. And he warns: “With me I do not count on situations of lack of control, because I do not lack the courage to take action”.
In this sense, he yesterday announced, during the inauguration of the refurbishment works of Quinta do Furão, that Thursday, new measures will be taken, covering, above all, sports teams in particular other than football and that will force athletes non-professionals taking two tests and quarantining them until they know the result of the second test.

Speaking late Monday afternoon, the President of the Regional Government says that the top concern of his Executive is “to ensure that what is the most important, is the safeguarding of life and Public Health of the Madeirans and Porto-Santenses” .
And he says that the objective is to reconcile this aim with that of keeping the economy functioning, “to guarantee employment, guarantee the income of families and ensure that we continue, despite the circumstances, on the path of development and investment”.

To this end, he stressed, taking into account the situation that is happening in Europe, with several countries reaching the peak of cases in the coming months, it is essential to keep the tightening control over whoever enters Madeira.
Recalling that, since last Thursday, these entries into the Region began to be much more controlled. – any resident in Madeira who leaves is obliged when he returns to take the test – the official said that “this Thursday, we will take measures regarding the sports practice of our teams”.

More important than practicing this sport is to safeguard the safety of these young people and those who contact them. The objective is to avoid the proliferation of outbreaks in educational establishments and other very delicate places, ”he explained.
Apart from that, Miguel Albuquerque explained that Marítimo and Nacional are already subject to a series of procedures, which involve quarantine and testing, so they will not be covered by the new measures.

The most worrying are the other sporting groups. We are working with the various federations to reach an understanding, he said. He concluded: “I will take all necessary measures”.
As for the increase in cases, he said it was already expected, given that the flow of people arriving in Madeira has increased substantially. And he reiterated the recommendation that our fellow citizens only travel if necessary.

From the Regional Government Facebook Page.