The Regional Government is meeting with hotel groups to find another unit that should join the current hotel with patients with covid.

This was asked a few moments ago by the president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, during a visit to an agricultural path in Ponta do Pargo.

The sick tourists will start to bear part of their stay in the hotel. The cost of the hotel can be taken from the cost of the hotel or accommodation to which the patient was initially staying.

I believe the two hotels in use currently are the Dom Pedro in Machico, and the Pestana Casino Studios in Funchal. Also note that if you do test positive and are taken to a hotel, this is where you will stay until you test negative. Some people are in there for up to 5-6 weeks. You cannot leave your room, and food is supplied from the hospital, although you can order takeaways and groceries. No Alcohol is allowed. So do not think going to a hotel is a great time as it really isn’t. 

Albuquerque is very concerned about the uncontrolled way in which the pandemic is spreading in the country and again calls for redoubled care. On the use of masks, which will become mandatory in mainland Portugal as of tomorrow, he says that the Regional Parliament will still have to legislate but recalls that this has been a recommendation for a long time in Madeira, but underlines that the population is complying on a whole in busy areas, and especially with social distance. 

From Jornal Madeira

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