Café Apolo Reopens on December 1st

The emblematic Cafe Apolo, from downtown Funchal, next to the Cathedral, already has a  scheduled reopening date, and should happen on the 1st of December.

This day is symbolic, as it represents precisely the date on which Apollo was inaugurated, in the year of 1945.

It should be remembered that it was feared
that this space would be closed and jobs
would be lost, as it was closed, allegedly for
holidays, without much being known about
its future, causing apprehension in the Hotel Industry Union, representing the sector workers.

It was said that Apolo was at risk of bankruptcy, and the employer had admitted this even in a meeting with the union members, in case an agreement was not reached.

An agreement has been met, and the cafe will open with new Madeiran businessmen, with refurbishment work having already been started.

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