The Pharmacy of Caniço decided to close for a week, as informed by the administration in a statement, which we reproduce in full:

“Last Friday, a positive case for SARS Cov2 was detected in a person who works at Farmácia do Caniço.

On the same date, the management of Farmácia do Caniço immediately offered to the Health Authority to preventively close the establishment.

The Health Authority decided to continue to monitor the situation, following up and questioning the appearance of symptoms, since this is the defined protocol.

In order not to wait any longer for the tests, the management of Farmácia do Caniço, proactively, arranged, together with an analysis laboratory, RT-PCR tests to all its employees. The results of these analyzes, funded by Farmácia do Caniço, were shared in a spirit of full collaboration and transparency with the Health Authority.

The Health Authority today declared the prophylactic isolation of all employees at Farmácia do Caniço. The management of Farmácia do Caniço could put other workers on the site, but chooses not to do so and close the establishment for a period of one week. The reopening will be articulated with the health authority, fulfilling, as always, all the safety and disinfection criteria of the space.

Farmácia do Caniço wishes a lot of strength and health to all health professionals, without exception, who are making a 200% effort to fight this global pandemic. We leave a special greeting to our pharmacist colleagues who are and will always be the closest contact between the population and the Health Services.

The world changed. We have to be aware of that. But there is something that will not change! When we return, we will continue to exercise our activity with the same dedication, the same enthusiasm, and the same availability.”

From Jornal Madeira

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