Environment plants 88,500 trees in São Roque

This Wednesday, Susana Prada was at Montado da Esperança, in the parish of São Roque, to accompany the beginning of the planting of 88,500 plants, among leafy and indigenous species. It is a reforestation that takes place after “a major cleaning job” that took about a year and covered an area of ​​45 hectares.

As explained by the regional secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, the work in progress “results from an investment of 538 thousand euros, supported by PRODERAM, and follows the guidelines defined by PROFRAM – Regional Plan for Forestry Management in the Region” .

The safety of the population will also be guaranteed as it will allow better access to fire-fighting vehicles. Between 2019-2021, about 800 hectares are being cleared, between public and private land (supported by European funds), of which 570 are being reforested.

From Diário Notícias

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