Igor Veloza, the father of the nine-year-old girl who has been missing, along with her mother, since Saturday, tells JM that he received confirmation from the Public Security Police that the parent “took the child to London on Saturday on the 12:20 pm ”without his knowledge or consent ”.

“I don’t know anything about my daughter right now. I haven’t had any contact with the girl or the mother until now ”, says the child’s father who, according to him, was taken on Saturday by his mother, his ex-partner, when he left that day from the house where he lives with his current partner, in Câmara de Lobos.

Remember, as reported by the newspaper, the appeal came from Igor Veloza, father of the missing minor and former companion of Álison Vieira, who tells JM that since both have provisional shared custody of the nine-year-old girl and that she would be the week he would have his daughter with him, the child should have been delivered to him this Sunday, around 8 pm.

However, when going to the ‘ex’ current residence in Câmara de Lobos, her current companion informed him that the woman, who will be six months pregnant, left home this Saturday taking some clothes and her daughter with her. .

This Monday, the family member said that the ex-partner would have “the three cell phones off” and that neither family nor friends knew of her whereabouts, there being “a great danger of escape”, something that allegedly even happened. “I didn’t sign any paper, I never thought she would run away with my daughter like that”, says Igor Veloza.

The father calls for the mother to “at least keep in touch” and to say if “the girl is well and where she is, because that’s all that matters”. “We are inconsolable” and “desperate”, he says.

Anyone who knows the girl’s whereabouts can contact Igor Veloza at 969860822.

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