Region challenges Portuguese to get out of the rut with a ‘getaway’

Madeira, Give me a Short Break is the ‘slogan’ that gives life to the most recent campaign launched by the Madeira Promotion Association for the national market. Big vacations are a distant goal, so weekend getaways are great for unwinding and Madeira is the perfect destination to live intensely every second and create unforgettable memories.

With a bold and challenging message, the new campaign aims to show that Madeira has everything we are looking for to get out of the routine 3 or 4 days. In an atypical year, where our resilience has been put to the test, a few days away, here so close and safe, are a breath of fresh air.

The highlight is the video, made in partnership with Lourenço Ortigão, which shows the diversity of activities that can be done to enjoy the time on the island. The actor is passionate about the island, which shows through his eyes everything it has to offer. Accompanying the message are images of the destination that make us dream of days of rest and adventure.