Waves up to 10 to 12 meters raise the warning to orange for the North coast of Madeira and Porto Santo

A Yellow warning issued for wind that could exceed 100 km / h in mountainous areas.

With the forecast of northwest waves of 5 to 6 meters, reaching a maximum height of 10 to 12 meters, the IPMA raised to, the orange warning of sea agitation on the north coast of Madeira and Porto Santo to take effect between 03:00 13:00 on Friday, the 27th, keeping the yellow warning from 3:00 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, now until 3:00 am on Friday, period when northwest waves with 4 to 5 meters are expected.

Along with the worsening of meteorological risk in the Madeira Sea, the IPMA also issued a yellow warning for the wind throughout the Madeira Archipelago, whereas in mountainous regions, gusts are expected of up to 90/110 km / h, between 10 am of tomorrow, day 25th, and 12:00 of Friday, day 27th. In the remaining sectors – south coast (extreme east and west), north coast and Porto Santo – the forecasts point to gusts up to 70/80 km / h for 48 hours, between noon tomorrow and noon on Friday.

From Diário Notícias