146 emigrants from Venezuela arrive in the Region today

There are about 146 passengers arriving throughout the day today in the Region, on three different flights, the first of which, the TP1699, brings on board 89 emigrants from Caracas on what was the last special flight of this year organized by the Consulate General de Portugal in Caracas together with several local travel agencies, with TAP Air Portugal being the company to be involved in this operation before Christmas.

The remaining passengers arrive on two more flights, also from TAP, informed by the Regional Directorate for Communities and External Cooperation.

This is the sixth flight of repatriation, or extraordinary flight, as the Portuguese authorities prefer to call it, authorized by the Venezuelan authorities since the scheduled air connections of international companies are suspended with the exception of companies from countries that are friends of the Bolivarian regime .

Upon arrival in Madeira, passengers will be subject to compliance with the health protocols required by the current covid-19 pandemic situation, following the instructions of the health authorities as they did when leaving Caracas, also respecting the procedures indicated by the airline.

In total 26 flight arrivals today at the airport, making it another very busy day..

From Diário Notícias