Homeless forcibly evicted from the “Wall” of Forte de S. Filipe

The homeless person who had maintained a clandestine dwelling for a long time in the
reconstruction of the wall of the Fortress of São Filipe, placed on top of the Ribeira de Santa Luzia bridge, close to the archaeological site, was finally evicted, using the use of police force.

Funchal City Council explained to the Funchal News that the so-called “tenant” had refused a room that had been offered to him by the municipality, demanding an apartment.

The situation was prolonged, with an
authentic “camp” set up in that public place
transformed into housing. But today the
delicate subject has come to an end, with less subtle methods. It was 1pm when two
members of the Public Security Police (PSP) approached the man, but the man said he would not leave.

Result: the Rapid Intervention Brigade was
called, requiring only one element of it to
forcibly remove the individual who, after
being handcuffed, was transported to police custody. The dogs that were accompanied by this homeless person were collected in a cage
(3, because a fourth “escaped”. . .) and then
three cars from the Funcha] City Hall
collected and dismantled all the junk
deposited there, which, after all ,constituted
the personal world of this person who lived
there in these questionable conditions.
Interestingly, a large number of mirrors were part of the belongings of this middle-aged man, who was not a Madeiran and who even had all his documents up to date.

The man was taken by the PSP amid protests and groans, but in turn, the merchants from the surrounding area applauded the Municipality’s action for finally seeing a situation considered degrading for the area, resolved.

From Funchal News

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