Jet2 cancelled flight

I received this email blow today, and they finally managed to talk with Jet2 with a better outcome.

Greetings from a cold, wet and windy England
After a number of cancelled bookings to Madeira already this year we were so looking forward to arriving at the beginning of January for a wonderful break in Funchal. Have just had an email from Jet2 to say that our holiday – flying from Manchester – has now been cancelled “due to government travel advice”.

Have you heard anything out there? It doesn’t seem to make sense; as the flights from Manchester have now been cancelled yet they are still taking bookings for flights from Leeds/Bradford. Not surprisingly I can’t get through to Jet2.

I wonder if Jet2 are using the government as an excuse for low bookings perhaps.

Has anyone else been affected?

2nd Message

Managed to speak to Jet2 at last. Turns out that they have actually cancelled my Friday return flight for operational reasons – but had the cheek to use the government as an excuse!

However the good news is that there is availability on the Saturday flight so we have revised the booking and got an extra day into the bargain.

Obviously this affects everyone on the flight so it is really worth speaking to Jet2 rather than accepting the refund.

Keep up your excellent work on the blog – it is so welcome throughout the year.

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

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