Madeira loses 21,300 people from the UK this Christmas

Madeira will lose about 21,000 people from the United Kingdom to the operation set up for Christmas and the end of the year. According to the reaction of the regional secretary of Tourism, Eduardo Jesus, this measure of the Portuguese Government “is in line with the decisions that were being taken during the afternoon and early evening by other European countries regarding England and this new variation of the virus that has taken confidence away from the whole process “.

According to the minister, these decisions “have a very large economic impact”, in the country, in Madeira “in particular”, mainly because the Region had “an operation set up for Christmas and the end of the year that had 21,300 seats by plane from the UK.”.

Also according to Eduardo Jesus, the measure announced by the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) will have an “enormous impact on the tourism operation”, so these “are circumstances that result from the pandemic evolution”.

“There is nothing more in our power than to hope that this decision will not be prolonged over time for many days to see if we recover as quickly as possible,” he said.

From Diário Notícias