There are two more cases of legionella in Madeira

One week after the existence of a Legionella case in Madeira, in a hotel in Porto Moniz, two new cases in the Region now appear.

The news advanced by Antena 1 Madeira is confirmed by Luís Freitas, clinical director of Hospital Particular da Madeira, where patients are hospitalized.

I confirm that there are two admissions at the moment for legionella pneumonia. They are apparently isolated cases, unrelated to each other, and which arise in the context of people who resort to our emergency with symptoms suggestive of a respiratory infection and who in the course of the investigation it turns out that they are really pneumonia to legionella », said the doctor to the radio public.

Luís Freitas guarantees that none of the cases is related to the case detected last week in Porto Moniz.

They are Madeiran and have no relation with hotel units, with previous contacts with other cases of legionella, nor did they leave Madeira. Both are fine, do not need special care nor does it appear that they will need Intensive Care. But if it is necessary, we have Intensive Care 24 hours a day, with an intensivist there, and if it is necessary to ventilate we are there for that, guaranteed the official who made sure to leave a message of tranquility to the Madeirans.

These are isolated cases and people should not be alarmed. They can continue to go to the emergency room safely because this type of pneumonia is not transmitted so easily. It is clear that in favorable contexts this can happen, that’s why we have to be more and more attentive, he warned.

From Agora Madeira