“This is the most complicated, riskiest and most difficult moment since the beginning of the pandemic in Madeira”

“This is the most complicated, riskiest and most difficult moment since the beginning of the pandemic, here in Madeira”, warns the President of the Regional Government, who tonight visits the lighting in downtown Funchal.

Miguel Albuquerque justifies the appreciation for being aware that the Christmas and New Year’s Eve season is conducive to socializing and gatherings, behaviors that in the current pandemic context can spoil the ‘Party’.

“It is a very important moment in which we have to proceed in order, individually and collectively, to comply with all the rules of detachment and containment so as not to lose control of the situation”, he explained at Largo do Chafariz, one of the many points visited by the presidential party, which is also accompanied by the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus.

Albuquerque is of the opinion that the current epidemiological situation in the Region is under control, but it is necessary not to ‘let your guard down’.

“I think we have been able to do it (containment of the pandemic). We now have a society that, despite the restrictions, continues to have a normal experience, the economy works, even conditioned, and the worst that can happen is to have a situation out of control, of community transmission that forces new restrictions and to spoil everyone’s Christmas ”, he warned.

He acknowledged that “this is a very favorable time for people to gather”, but “we have to avoid it” to ensure that “the month of January is a normal month also in our experience”, pointing out the importance of the reopening of schools after the Christmas break. All the reasons to reinforce that “it is essential to maintain restraint in this holiday season”, not least because “there is a horizon of hope at this moment”, referring to the vaccine to be made available next year.

From Diário Notícias

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