Family and friends look for missing tourist in Madeira levada

The family of Jascha Hardenberg, the 28-year-old German tourist who got lost in the Rabaçal area on 29 December, is sharing posters for the various levadas in Madeira in order to obtain information on his whereabouts.

The young man’s mother reveals the cell phone’s last location, in the Rabaçal area and asks anyone with information to contact 112 or a police station.

The placement of information along pedestrian paths, by family and friends, aims to alert the case and show the face of the young person who is missing.

It should be remembered that the alert for the existence of a lost tourist in Rabaçal, in Calheta, came from a friend, at around 5 pm. Allegedly, Jascha Hardenberg reportedly realized he was lost by 2 pm.

Immediately, 23 operatives were divided by three tracks, in search of the tourist. The searches were definitively suspended on the last day of the year, passing the case to the PSP, who is expected to turn the case over to the Judiciary Police.

From Diário Notícias