Madeira’s Ultimate Hiking Guide from Jackson Groves

The Australian adventurer Jackson Groves has been in Madeira for 6 months now, and he has probably done more hiking and covered more hikes than any other visitor or resident on the island.

Today Jackson has launched his guide to hiking in Madeira, he has chosen his 60 best hikes, and given full details on each one. He lets you know the distance, how long each hike will take, the difficulty, and the inclines along with so much more useful information.

Along with each hike, Jackson has taken some of the most incredible photos videos, and drone shots anyone has seen, you will get to see views you have never seen before, and his photos just make you want more and more from this beautiful Island.

There are hikes for everyone from easy to the real difficult ones which are only for true adventurers with no fear.



With his 6 months in Madeira, Jackson also took a break and spent 10 days in Porto Santo, where he has made one of the best guides to the Island, so if you plan a trip to Porto Santo in the near future be sure to check these guides below.

Jacksons 8 Hikes on Porto Santo 

Awesome Beaches on Porto Santo

Where to stay on Porto Santo

28 Awesome Things to do on Porto Santo



Jackson also hiked the Madeira Island Ultra Trail, I shared the video on that and I have repeated it below along with the blog post he wrote about this hike, which you CAN READ HERE.

Next up Jackson has told me he plans to stay till March on the Island, and he wants to walk the Caminho Real 23, this is a walk on the old royal roads that take you around the whole island. You can find more details on the link below.

Caminho Real

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