Funchal is a cold, deserted and an empty city.

The mandatory curfew decreed by the Regional Government due to the exponential increase in cases of covid-19 in Madeira in the last few days has transformed the city of Funchal into an authentic ghost town.

The few people who circulate are, in most cases, approached by the police, an entity that has the responsibility to supervise this measure to combat the pandemic.

Bars and restaurants are forced to close their doors at 10:30 pm, under penalty of being fined and seeing their situation even more fragile.

JM reporter Joana Sousa made a tour this evening of some arteries of the Madeiran capital and through the images captured by her lens it is possible to observe that the Madeirans, for now – although the weather conditions also invite them to stay at home – are accept this ‘imposition’ decreed for the health of all of us.

Although it is something we are not used to, as Fuchal is a lively and colorful city by the way, it is expected, and above all recommended, that this atypical scenario will be maintained at least until the next 15th, not only in the city, but also in the rest of the Region.

From Jornal Madeira

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