Suspected Crime in Rabaçal- Missing German Tourist

Family and friends are in Madeira looking for the missing German Tourist Jascha Hardenberg, a group of people from a Nomads community Group on WhatsApp started by Neil Harvey, and the Adventurer Jackson Groves who is an experienced hiker and on the island at the moment, searched the area yesterday where the last phone signal was traced.

It’s now reported that the Judiciary Police have confirmed they have taken control of the case of the mysterious disappearance of the young man, and it is being looked at as a suspected crime. Searches were stopped after 2 days by the authorities in Madeira. The young German was reported missing on the 29th December.

This is a very strange story, and let’s hope they find out the truth of what has happened.

People fall from time to time on the levadas, some injured some die, but always a body has been found, and its believed Jascha was wearing his red jacket and had a grey backpack with him, so even if he has fallen, I find it hard to believe there is no trace of him.