Why millennials are flocking to Madeira for a five-star adventure holiday

Thanks to Sally for linking me with this article.

Dolphin-watching! Mountain biking! Vineyard tours! The Portuguese paradise has become a hit with cool digital nomads looking for an active escape with a dose of luxury, writes Katie Strick for the Evening Standard.

I’m lying on the seventeenth floor of Madeira’s boujiest new hotel, Savoy Palace, as a pool butler brings me my second mojito of the afternoon. A group of twenty-something Brits set up their Macbooks on a day bed next to me and the vibe reminds me of a recent trip to Lisbon — except on the mainland we didn’t spend the morning abseiling down waterfalls or driving through cloud forests.

Here on this tiny Portugese island, adrenaline is essentially a side dish with breakfast. “We call it a Madeiran massage,” our local jeep driver Pedro tells us of the steep, bumpy so-called “banana roads” that criss-cross the island between banana plantations. “If you’re afraid of heights, Madeira is the best place to fight your fears.”

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