Heavy rain reached red warning levels in the upper part of Funchal

In Monte the rain was torrential, reaching the extreme of 9.4 liters per square meter in just 10 minutes.

Rainfall, sometimes heavy, reached (until 9 pm) very significant values ​​in the network of meteorological stations of the IPMA in the Madeira Archipelago, with a great impact on the south coast and mountainous regions of the island of Madeira, as predicted by the IPMA.

The highest levels of precipitation were recorded in the upper part of Funchal, namely in Monte and the Areeiro area, where the amount of rain accumulated in 6 hours reached red warning levels. The most significant extreme of the accumulated quantity was seen in Chão do Areeiro, with 84.0 liters per square meter between 3 pm and 9 pm. Monte (74.6 mm/6h) and Pico do Areeiro (73.5 mm/6h) followed.

Highlight for Monte, where the rain became torrential at the beginning of the night, to the point that in just 3 hours (58.1 mm) it almost reached the amount for red warning (above 60 mm) in the 6 o’clock criterion. In the most intense period of rain Monte was on the verge of reaching the yellow warning value/1h in 10 minutes and reached the orange warning value/1h in 30 minutes.

Of the 20 stations on the IPMA network in Madeira and Porto Santo, 15 registered levels of precipitation equivalent to a meteorological warning, and in 11 these levels were reached in the two criteria (intervals of 1h and 6h) defined for the issuance of meteorological warnings.

From Diário Notícias