Landslide on the seafront of Sítio do Tanque worries residents

The residents of the Tanque area in the parish of Ponta Delgada, are alarmed by landslides across the seafront of that site. The situation is not new, since erosion by the sea has been a constant, but it got worse with the storm of 25 December 2020, when the whole area was hit by a strong storm.

The alert intends to reach the competent entities (Junta, Autarchy and Government), so that on site they can make a more accurate assessment of landslides and can intervene urgently. There are several landslides along the sea front, from the mills, next to Ribeiro do Cabouco, to Ribeiro do Tanque.

“We ran the entire beach at the site of Tanque, that which is / was our beach (since childhood), as well as that of residents and several foreigners (from the parish hotel and local accommodation, who like to access the sea, instead of swimming pools, with the Parish Bathing Complex being highly busy in the summer). The whole situation is appalling, ”says one local couple.

From Diário Notícias

In the video, captured at the beginning of February, it is possible to see the size of the landslide.

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