Porto Santo seeks to establish digital nomads

Porto Santo is in contact with a group of Digital Nomads to find conditions that secure these nomads on the island, which currently has a group of 30 people.

“We are helping to create a network of contacts and thus find partners and attractive conditions to work remotely, in order to attract this type of ‘digital workers”, said City Councilor Sofia Santos today, during a webinar promoted by the Association for the Promotion of Madeira, which addressed topics such as: What is digital nomadism; the consumer profile; Digital Nomads Madeira – The project, objectives and results; partnerships with the project; opportunities and challenges in Madeira, as well as potential business within this market.

The idea is to “develop projects for the public” who are the “new tourist”, who remain for long periods and strengthen the local economy.

According to the Councilwoman, Porto Santo fits into the new choices of destinations and at this particular moment, it is “an excellent alternative to standard commercial mass tourism, providing vast natural areas, perfect for refreshing mental and physical health, exactly what the most people now need to be in contact with nature in its pure form ”.

The Autarchy’s idea is to take advantage of the latest awards (Porto Santo, European Safest beach 2021) to develop contacts and publicize this added value.

Carlos Soares Lopes, CEO of Startup Madeira and Gonçalo Hall, consultant and digital nomad, were the invited speakers of this initiative.

From Diário Notícias