The President of the Regional Government today admitted the possibility of maintaining the curfew beyond Easter, underlining the success of the measure in containing the pandemic.

“I ponder because I think the curfew has been one of the secrets to having a situation of containment of the pandemic,” said Miguel Albuquerque, on the sidelines of a visit to Aqui Madeira, when asked about the possibility of extending the measures in force after the Easter period, which has been the goal set.
“I think that the curfew does not harm the economy so much, it does not harm our personal lives, it does not affect us psychologically, but it is very important to prevent social contact”, he also justified.

In addition, the government official said that “everything as it is” will be maintained until that time. However, he reaffirmed that home visits will be reopened from March 30, and tomorrow a resolution with all conditions for these visits will be approved by the Governing Council.

From Jornal Madeira


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