Gasses emitted in Paul da Serra

In Paul da Serra, some signs of volcanic activity were found. A situation that has already been assessed by the regional government but does not raise any cause for concern. The Environment Secretariat is monitoring the release of gases.

It is a curious phenomenon. In Paul da Serra several points were detected, where the release of gases is visible.

A situation considered normal on a volcanic island, such as Madeira.

The discovery occurred occasionally by Rocha da Silva, former regional director of Forests.

Technicians from the Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change have already been on site with equipment to measure the emission of gases, including carbon dioxide.

Susana Prada states that they are minimal quantities, which do not pose any risk to the population.

The official says that volcanism in Madeira cannot be considered extinct, but rules out the possibility of a new eruption.

The monitoring of gas emissions is being carried out permanently with equipment placed in the Fajã da Ama gallery, in São Vicente.

The release of gases has been detected, above all, in the Paul da Serra area, where the most recent eruption in Madeira occurred between 6-7 thousand years ago.

From RTP Madeira