Madeira school staff vaccinated with AstraZeneca as of Tuesday

The 8,500 first doses of vaccines from AstraZeneca that arrived in Funchal yesterday will serve to start, next week, the vaccination of staff from schools in Madeira, as well as citizens close to the age of 65. “On Monday there will be a meeting of the regional task force team of the Vaccination Plan so that we can start on Tuesday [to vaccinate] and quickly because we have all these doses to administer “, revealed, this morning, the secretary of the Pedro Ramos, who was following the vaccination of the older population, which is taking place at Tecnopólo this weekend.

So far, the Region has had the Pfizer vaccine available and in its administration has given priority to the population over 80 years old or in the 75-79 age group with pathologies. The AstraZeneca vaccine is now available, which, in our country, is not yet suitable for people over 65 years of age. “People will be called in order of decreasing age, starting precisely at the age of 65,” explained Pedro Ramos.

According to the same official, the doses of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company will also serve to initiate the vaccination of educational staff, so that one can “start school activity in complete safety”. At the moment, the Regional Government is still evaluating the number of teachers and employees of educational establishments that will be covered, and it will give priority to schools that have face-to-face classes.

The Region will also take the opportunity to complete the vaccination of all priority groups of the first phase, including the so-called critical services (military and security forces, Electricity Company, ARM, health workers, etc.).

From Diário Notícias

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