More Vaccines Arrive from April 1st

Miguel Albuquerque announced today that Madeira should receive, next month, four more batches of vaccines from AstraZeneca and Pfizer, against covid-19.
“It is good news,” announced the President of the Regional Government, on the sidelines of a visit to the company AquiMadeira.

“According to the meeting held yesterday with the national immunization officer, the Region expects to receive, on April 1, about 8,500 vaccines and 29th about 10,000 from AstraZeneca. Pfizer vaccines on the 5th April, 23,400 and on the 19th, 17,600. “

The official stressed that if these batches come as planned, the Region will “continue to accelerate vaccination, in order to guarantee group immunity as soon as possible”.
“The forecast is for the month of September, but if there is any change, we can even anticipate it,” he said.