Precipitation reached brutal levels in Funchal

Funchal recorded brutal levels of precipitation this evening. The Observatory in just 1 hour surpassed the red warning level for the 6-hour interval, recording an impressive 61.2 liters per square meter (mm). It was between 19:50 and 20:50.

Also very relevant was the amount of rain that fell in the last 6 hours of this Saturday at the IPMA ‘mother station’ in Madeira, with an accumulation that more than doubled the reference value for red warning (60 mm), having registered in the 6 hours where most rain fell, between 18:00 and 24:00, a total of 128.0 mm (11.9 mm / 10 min.; 32.4 mm / 30 min.; 94.4 mm / 2h; 116.4 mm / 3h).

On this Saturday, as electrifying as it was flooded, copious rain also left its mark on the Lido station, where in just 1 hour (between 19:10 and 20:10) 54.3 mm was recorded. The  amount of precipitation doubled in the second parameter for red warning (above 60 mm in 6 hours), when registering extremes of: 79.5 mm / 2h; 86.9 mm / 3h; 94.5 mm / 6h.

But it was not only in Funchal that it rained torrentially. São Vicente and Ponta do Pargo also added to the list of locations equipped with IPMA meteorological stations to reach extreme risk levels this Saturday night. As it had already happened, during the day, at Pico do Areeiro, Quinta Grande, Santa Cruz / Airport, Santana and Ponta de São Jorge.

From Diário Notícias

The rain has continued all night, as well as the thunder and lightning, which has probably kept many awake all night. Even now 6.30am the rain is very heavy in Caniço, with loud cracks of thunder every few minutes.

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