PCP requires determination of responsibility before Parliament regarding the controversy surrounding the Madeira Mark

The PCP today went public to request “liability investigations before the Regional Parliament” regarding “all the controversy” around the public presentation of the new Madeira Brand, promoted by the Regional Government this week.

“More than a debatable aesthetic option”, and in addition to the communicational component, the communists understand that “it will be important to find out how the option on the new ‘Madeira Brand’ corresponds to a duly articulated strategy, or not, with the representatives of the sector of tourism activities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira “.

Another issue considered relevant by the PCP is the existence, or not, of “forms of articulated coordination between the current Madeira Brand, its logo and the corresponding communication strategy”.

In this sense, the PCP, through its deputy Ricardo Lume, decided to request the Parliament of Madeira to hold a Parliamentary Hearing on the new Madeira Brand, the use of public means and the defense of regional development.

From Diário Notícias