The regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, participated today in the webinar that marked the launch of the IPDT magazine “Turismo Trends 21”, which counts on your collaboration.

The government official began by thanking the private institution for its contribution to the tourism sector, where the new publication is an example of this.

In response to a question from the moderator Jorge Costa, president of the IPDT, Eduardo Jesus made it clear that “Madeira is doing well and is recommended”. He stressed that the Autonomous Region of Madeira has always outlined, since the beginning of the pandemic in the world, its strategy in defense of public health, creating, at the same time, conditions for the destiny to be at the forefront when international markets opened in the beginning of July 2020. For this very reason, he stressed that Madeira has been continuously open to tourism, allowing the sector to remain continuously active, even limited by the constraints on the issuing markets.

At the same time, he stressed that the private sector itself showed confidence in the work carried out by the Regional Government, as shown by the businessmen’s commitment to the requalification and construction of new hotel units in the Region.

In relation to the public sector, he recalled in the webinar, where more than 550 people watched over the internet, all the work carried out by the Region since the beginning of the pandemic, namely with the pioneering decision of screening at the airports of Madeira and Porto Santo. And, after other measures taken, such as the elaboration of the Manual of Good Practices, with everyone’s contribution and the Destination Certification, he pointed to the creation of the “Green Corridor” in February, which allowed the free entry of vaccinated people or others who have already contracted the disease but are already cured.

In this area of ​​Covid, Eduardo Jesus referred to the recent approval by the European Commission of the Digital Green Certificate. He stressed that, in addition to the importance of getting all member states to speak with one voice in the practicality of what was approved, it will be relevant that the country also speaks in unison in the applicability of criteria for the same passenger who comes to Madeira through a direct flight from the origin or if you need to make a stopover on the continent.

Madeira “is an example” in vaccination

Eduardo Jesus also spoke of another important measure, exemplary worldwide, that is being implemented by the Madeiran executive, who considers translating a very strong positioning of the sector, which represents about 26% of the regional GDP, in national terms and international. It is the fact that “we have already started to vaccinate the Tourism sector in the Region. About a week ago we started the vaccination process, which we intend to involve our professionals and which will be concluded this month. Very soon we can say that we will have the entire tourism sector, as well as other people linked to the tourist offer, involved in this vaccination effort “.

For this set of reasons, with the adoption of appropriate measures at the right moments, which contributed to further the credibility of trust and consequent security, the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture evidenced that “the assets of the destination, which have always remained intact, are reinforced “.

From Jornal Madeira

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