Night was tropical in Santa Cruz

A sign of a ‘scorching’ day to be expected, the last night was tropical – air temperature above 20 degrees Celsius (ºC) – in Santa Cruz, taking into account the records of the network of automatic weather stations of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) in the Madeira Archipelago.

Today should be the warmest day of this dry spell, with temps getting close to 30° in some areas.

The meteorological station located at Madeira Airport recorded a minimum temperature of 22.0 ºC in Sant Cruz – the thermal variation between 00:00 and 07:00 was 0.9 ºC. It was recorded at 01:30 and was the only record of the extreme value of the minimum air temperature above 20 degrees.

The lowest minimum air temperature during the whole night was 11.7 ºC and was recorded almost at dawn at Pico do Areeiro.

Also noteworthy is the Ponta do Pargo, which, at dawn, reached 20.5 ºC.

Remember that the south coast of Madeira is under yellow warning for hot weather, which should persist, at least, until tomorrow. For this Thursday the IPMA predicts maximum temperature in the order of 29 ºC in Funchal.

Photo from Caniço de Baixo this morning.

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