Pestana Hotels almost full for summer in Porto Santo

The perspectives of the Pestana Group for the summer in Porto Santo are good.

Paulo Prada, administrator of the group, told DIÁRIO that “in terms of reservations for the month of June we already have many, as well as for the months of July and August. We have already stopped sales in the two hotel units for week breaks,” he added. .

The statements were made on the day (yesterday) that the British presence on the golden island was reinforced with the arrival of two flights from London and Manchester. Paulo Prada underlines that “the English are our main market together with the Portuguese market”.

The official stresses that “this operation with TUI fills our hotels”. “The first flights have arrived and I hope they continue to come, I also hope that Portugal will continue with the green traffic light with the United Kingdom, which means that people will be able to continue to move the way they move,” he said. .

Regarding the presence of the Pestana group on the island, Paulo Prada said that initially “we only had one hotel unit, which was the” Pestana Porto Santo ”, meanwhile, we opened“ Pestana Colombos ”, and weeks ago, with the UK operation, plus the charters from mainland Portugal, as well as other customers who come directly, we have already had to stop sales because we are already practically full ”, he said.

From Diário Notícias

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