Searches for missing man only by land

The Maritime Police continues to search for the 54-year-old man who disappeared at sea on Saturday night when he was catching limpets, in the Atalaia area, in Caniço. However, on Wednesday the searches are carried out only by land, and a boat may leave the life-saving station in Funchal on time, informed the Capital of Porto of Funchal.

SANAS-Madeira also informed that, at this moment, air operations are suspended, “coastal observation from high points is not neglected”.

“Those who travel along the coast, in particular maritime-tourist and fishing vessels, are asked to keep a close eye on the currents of the south coast of Madeira. The missing person wears a black diving suit and will not be ballasted, so it should be possible to observe him in the prone / upside down position.

In the event of any observation, obtain GPS position or landings and current direction, notifying MRSC Funchal or SANAS ”, he wrote on his Facebook page.

From Diário Notícias

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