40- 50% cancellations at Madeira hotels

Portugal’s removal from the UK’s green list is causing a wave of cancellations at hotels in the Region.

This is said by Tiago Massa, Chairman of the Hotel Management Board of the Funchal Commercial and Industrial Association (ACIF), who speaks of a wave of cancellations exceeding 40%.

The Chairman of the Board of ACIF Hospitality says that the decision of the United Kingdom to remove Madeira from the list of destinations that allow Britons to travel abroad without having to comply with 10 days of quarantine on return is incomprehensible.

In this regard, he hopes that the diplomatic efforts will take effect and that the decision will be reviewed before the three weeks announced by the United Kingdom to review the list of countries.

From RTP Madeira

Such sad news, and I would hope we will be on the green list very soon again..